Our Students

Peterborough welcome students from countries around the world and provides a comprehensive range of academic programs, administrative and support services to ensure that the experience of all students is one that is positive, successful and rewarding.

On arrival

Immigration authorities often require a student to show evidence of having been accepted for a place at University, and to provide proof of ability to pay fees and living expenses for the full academic year before allowing entry to the UK.

Coming to the UK

If you are made a conditional offer of a place (e. g. an offer subject to you passing an examination) we will send you an International Admissions Letter confirming this.
If we are able to make you a firm offer (without any conditions attached) we will send an Official Notification of Acceptance. Either of these letters will provide you with the information you need to enable you to apply for your visa.
Be sure to check in good time with your British Embassy or High Commission about visas or entry clearance to Britain.

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You will need to order your British currency and travellers' cheques, and bring enough money to cover your immediate needs on arrival in the UK, including customs charges, rail fares and any emergency expenses. £400 should be adequate, but a credit card would be useful.
You need to check whether you need permission to transfer money to the UK and whether your government has restrictions on the amount of money you can transfer out of your country.

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  • Opening a bank account

    Several banks in the UK offer incentives to gain your custom. To open an account you will need to have your International Admission Letter or Official Letter of Admission and passport, and some banks may also need to see your student card as evidence that you are a bona fide student.
    It normally takes seven working days to receive your cheque book and cards so be sure to bring some cash/ travellers' cheques to carry you through this time. We advise you to prepare separate bank drafts for your personal expenses, tuition fees and accommodation.
    Never have all those items lumped together in one draft, otherwise you may have problems while waiting for the draft to clear. As well as tuition fees you will probably need about £6,500 to cover books, accommodation, food, personal expenditure and local travel for the academic year.